Vapair Vent System

Vapair Vent System
List Price: $855.00

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The Convectex Vapair Vent System is comparable to a large dehumidifier in moisture removal.  With this patent pending system you should realize 100-175+cfm being expelled from the building by the Convectex Vapair Vent.  The Convectex Vapair Vent system will compare in moisture removal to a large dehumidifier while using less than 1/3 of an Amp on 120v. You can connect 36 units to one 15 amp circuit.  Booster fan, Vent hood, 25’ of 8” ducting & 50’ of 6” ducting come with the Convectex Vapair Vent package. 


1 Year No Fault Warranty

Package Includes:

  • 1-Convectex Vapair Vent System Hood
  • 1-Convectex Vapair Vent System Exhaust Booster Fan
  • 1-25’ section of 8” mylar flex duct
  • 1-50’ section of 6” mylar flex duct


Zip Wall Poles Not Included!